Answering our tagline is the question that TakeMeAway wants to solve. But why are we limiting our ‘scope’ to only weekends? Why not provide an app that covers say week-long holidays?

We can use a key component of startup theory to answer these questions – what is the problem you want to solve. Last week we discussed the problems we saw with Travel solutions and thus a reason ‘why’ for building the app. But we really need to be more specific in narrowing down which part of the ‘travel experience’ has the most pains.

In 2015, more than half of the tourism trips that EU residents made (58.2%) were short – i.e. a maximum of three nights. On top of that 78% of Europeans make trips within the EU itself (you can have a look at the analysis here). We concluded that most likely these three nights would fall within a weekend and that due to the short distances European cities are a great place to be for the weekend.

But how far in advance would you normally book? If it’s for a special occasion you are likely to book a few months in advance to secure exactly what you want – we believe this market is well served. However we’ve seen a surge in last minute travel (especially for hotels). For good reasons too; there has been a paradigm shift where prices are actually getting cheaper the closer you get to travel.

This means weekend trips can be affordable last minute – especially if you are open to be inspired. And Europe is full of amazing places to inspire you!

We defined ‘last minute’ as ‘this or next weekend’ (for us, this is flying out Friday evening and returning Sunday evening). In a future article we’ll share some example deals of what is possible last minute. We’re excited once we launch to listen to what our users think of the experience. We want you to be in great locations with minimum fuss!

Which leads us nicely to setting the scene for our next blog post – what is important in providing a great experience and how we plan to go about this with our Minimal Viable Product (‘MVP’). Let us know if you have some ideas yourselves via!