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The last month has proven one thing – predicting the weather in the UK is a futile exercise. One weekend it’s 20 degrees and the next we’re back to gusting winds and cold temperatures. But never fear, Spring is here! With the new season officially beginning on March 20th and the clocks going forward on March 31st, it is time to get ready for better weather. Except let’s be honest, ‘better’ is a relative term in the UK, meaning the only way to guarantee some sun is to jet overseas.

Sunshine, warmth and escaping the crowds are very much the themes for our latest blog and our Spring break selections are on hand to inspire! The TakeMeAway app now includes the latest temperature for destinations – so you have up to date information for your last minute break and ensuring you grab a tan!  

So without further ado we present our Top 10 Spring Breaks!

The Ibiza season begins on May 1st with some of the world’s most iconic clubs hosting unforgettable opening parties – for electronic and music lovers, this is one event not to be missed! If the party scene doesn’t appeal or if you simply want a quieter break, then take a trip in April. Off peak season is still a great time to fall in love with the island – with a minimum of 20 degrees providing the backdrop to some gorgeous beaches.


Nicknamed the ‘Kingdom of Sun’, leaving out Palermo from our list would be totally negligent. The Sicilian capital is noted for its cultural mismatch, but there are several quieter spots within close proximity – so rent a car for maximum flexibility. Mondello, a former fishing village is a must, especially in April as you’re still outside of tourist season. Lined with fabulous cafes and restaurants it is a perfect place to unwind. Also check out Capo Gallo, a nature reserve and Addaura.


TripAdvisor ranks Limassol third in their up and coming destinations around the world, and we have to agree – there is a lot to do in the south of Cyprus. You have ruins such as Kourion, Molos promenade full of entertainment and Akti Olympion beach just to name a few things in close proximity of the city. Driving out into the Troodos mountain range rewards you with some pretty villages for you to explore. Finally food – get to grips with the cuisine in the local tavernas and taste juicy olives, freshly made hummus and succulent seafood. What more do you want from a Spring Break?


One of our newly added destinations, Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands. Frankly we have to apologise for not adding the island into our app sooner! But we’ve rectified our mistake just in time for Spring where things start heating up! As a relatively mountainous island, it is an ideal place to do some hiking. You absolutely must do the Samaria Gorge hike as you pass through an incredible gorge – an early start is required for the 18km hike which ends at the Agia Roumeli beach, but you will not regret it!


We selected Valletta in our Carnival list – primarily because the weather is never that terrible on Malta. And as the months roll on, it gets better and better. Like our other choices, we’re recommending avoiding the city – hire a car and head to one of the many beaches outside of town. Golden Bay is our pick of the bunch, with lots of amenities. If it’s a bit too busy, a short drive to Għajn Tuffieħa will give you a more secluded spot to lounge and relax!


Another new destination, Faro lies in the south of Portugal and is your gateway to the Algarve. With a picture perfect coastline full of little caves and grottos this is a great spot for some hiking, lounging on impressive beaches or try some surfing. We suggest hiring a car from Faro and base yourself in one of the towns littered along the coast such as Portimao and Lagos. Go explore!


Did you know that Madeira is actually built on top of a massive volcano? The volcano rises nearly 6km from the Atlantic Ocean floor with the highest point, Ruivo peaking at 1862m above sea level. All this means is that Madeira is a great place for nature lovers. When you’re tired from all the hiking, treat yourself to a glass of the famous wines and sampling some of the freshest tuna. Delicious!


If you’re willing to fly slightly further East, head to Turkey and you start getting proper warm weather! We’re picking Antalya from our Turkish destinations because of the gorgeous setting on the Anatolian coast. Though it can get busy in tourist season, visiting off-peak (like some of our other picks) can be extremely rewarding. There are many resorts available if you want some beach time or head to the Lycian Trail for hiking. Olympos, an old Lycian city is not too far from Antalya and you can see the famous ‘fire rocks’ – natural gas vents that are constantly burning….


When you mention Morocco, Marrakech gets all the attention. The souks, hustle and bustle are an experience in itself, but we need a more chilled out place for our Spring Break list. Sitting on the coast, Essaouira – which means ‘little picture’ in Arabic, is the perfect laid back alternative to Marrakech. The city is actually a great place for windsurfing due to a strong the coastal wind. Don’t let that put you off however, you will still have a fab time meandering the souks and boutiques. Essaouira has also become a bit of a creative and artistic hub, so go and check out one of the many art galleries in town!


If you need more sand than mountains, then the Spanish archipelago 400km south of Madeira has some of the best natural beaches for you to stretch, unwind and relax. The Maspalomas area on Gran Canaria is where most of the resorts are located. We recommend visiting the lovely dunes but there is a lot to do in Las Palmas (as pictured) – a great town to hang out in!

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Happy travelling!