Today we publicly launch our brand TakeMeAway and begin sharing our journey with you! We have come far in the last few months, making great strides not only in our app development, but also our branding; and we thank all those who have given their help so far.

What have we set out to accomplish? TakeMeAway helps you to be in great locations for the weekend, all within your budget. We aim to make travel what it should be – an inspirational and exciting experience.

Over the coming weeks we will be building up to our Android release on the 1st of February (don’t worry iPhone users, an iOS version will be released soon after). We will be sharing our ideas and thoughts on why we think this app will help you be in great locations and how far we aim to take our ideas.

We are super excited and want you to join us on this adventure! If you haven’t done so already, sign up to our newsletter at – you can also follow us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

Where do you want to be this weekend? #TakeMeAway

Junaid and Tom

p.s – if you want to get hold of us directly, email us at