It may not surprise you to know that we enjoy travelling at TakeMeAway – heck it was the travel bug that gave us the inspiration to create the app in the first place! But sometimes travel takes a back seat as we focus on our own job and lives – in this case working on TakeMeAway. We recently relocated the startup to London from Amsterdam (goodbye Netherlands, you will be missed!) but we have to admit, the hustle and bustle is taking some getting used to.

View over the Danube

So for the summer, one of our co-founders, Junaid has decided to escape city life and go exploring parts of Eastern Europe and beyond. Don’t worry – updating and improving TakeMeAway is an ongoing business which we’ll be continuing! Over the summer he’ll be sharing his adventures in various blog posts, which we hope you’ll enjoy!Hi everyone this is Junaid and I’m super excited to share with you my travel stories this summer. When planning this trip, I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted to do nor where exactly I wanted to travel – I did however want to explore the outdoors and do some hiking along the way.

I settled on beginning my journey in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest is bit of a crossroads city, fellow travellers seem to not venture much further east than Budapest when backpacking through Europe – they either turn back west or go south towards the Balkans. I thought it was the perfect starting point for going further east.

A strong Jewish community exists in Budapest

Budapest may have a bit of a notorious association (think stag-dos….) but there is a breadth of sightseeing opportunities and exploration available. Budapest is actually a city of two sides, Buda and Pest divided by the Danube river. You have a lot of the historical sights in Buda while the lively heart of the city sits in Pest. Here I share my photos from Budapest and hope you enjoy them. Next time I’ll post about Lake Balaton, such a breathtaking place!

Chilling on the steps
Not sure anyone gets tired of the views?
Some rather important football matches were happening as well….
The new and the old….
The market building was an impressive setting
And the impressive architecture continued throughout the city

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