Hi everyone! It has been some time since I last posted, unfortunately internet quality was a bit unstable in the countries I was travelling in, meaning uploading pictures proved to be problematic.  I am finally back home and over the coming weeks I’ll be blogging my journey. Suffice to say I have had an amazing summer travelling from Hungary all the way to Azerbaijan and I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you! For those new and wanting some background on this series of posts, have a read of my previous post – https://blog.takemeaway.io/discovering-hungary-part-1-budapest/

This post is about  Lake Balaton. A few facts about Lake Balaton- it sits a few hours south of Budapest and is a popular tourist destination with beaches, resorts and nearby hiking opportunities. The lake is the largest freshwater lake within Central Europe with a shoreline of 197km.

I decided to visit Keszthely, which is town on the southern part of the lake. The town is close to some hot springs that supposedly have great therapeutic properties. I wasn’t so convinced by the smell – the rotten egg smell from the sulphur wasn’t quite for me; nor willing to pay the exuberant prices to access the ‘spas’. So unfortunately no pictures of the springs. This short series gives you an impression of the lake. I hope you enjoy, Budapest is also an available destination within the TakeMeAway app – who knows maybe your budget will take you there.

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