Over the past few weeks we’ve been sharing some of our thoughts on why we’re starting TakeMeAway. Naturally we also need to make sure the app is fun to use and something you come back to again and again. Our app is designed with these four principles in mind:

  1. Inspiration and excitement – Like what you see? Swipe right and we’ll find you somewhere to stay.
  2. You are in control – Pick your budget and we’ll find you somewhere you could be next weekend.
  3. Book your weekend away safely – our partners are trusted companies in the world of travel. We’ll talk about them another time, but we are serious in keeping you safe.
  4. Save you time – no need to waste hours comparing hotels and flights and checking if it fits your budget. We do the work to provide you with a hassle-free and fun experience.

How do we know that these four things are what the user wants and if we’re delivering on our promises? We are relying on you!

In the short term we have a select group of beta testers who will using the app in anger to see if things are working properly. Closer to the launch we will open up a public beta to get your feedback.

Stay up to date by subscribing to our newsletter and as always if you have any thoughts, shoot us an email – hello@TakeMeAway.io